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Introducing Actions & Blinks

A protocol & developer stack for delivering your product experiences. Everywhere.

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Share Experiences,
Not Links

Actions give your app’s URLs superpowers,
and let your users share embedded experiences.

Actions for Anything

Swap tokens, stake, buy NFTs, participate in governance.
From anywhere.

Actions for anything

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Actions are the API

Actions are a spec for delivering signable transactions and messages.

Actions are the API

Blinks are the Actions Interface

Actions are the API.
Blinks create their interfaces.

Blinks are the actions interface
Sharable Actions

Bring Sharable Actions to Your Site

Upgrade any site with sharable actions by adding actions.json

Like link preview <meta>  tags, but better.

Put the Crypto
in Crypto Twitter

We’ve teamed up with Solana’s leading wallets to deliver Blinks directly to Crypto Twitter, batteries included. Or use our dedicated Blinks extension with any wallet.

Crypto in Twitter

Use Blinks to Create Popup Sites & Interstitials

Get popup sites for your Actions, with zero front-end development. Or try out your actions in dedicated interstitials with supporting wallets, like Tiplink.

Building a Web3-Native Client? Add Blinks Support

Become a Blinks client with native support. Get in touch and let’s build together.

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Actions & Alerts are the Engagement Stack

Check out our Alerts Stack